See what Rhonda’s clients are saying…

“This was the first time I had a card reading. I was surprised to see how beautiful the Tarot cards are. Angel cards and Fairies cards look nothing like the traditional cards I envisioned. A lot of the information from the reading hit home and made sense. It really gave me plenty of things to think about. It was a good experience, I’d definitely do it again!” -Gail

“Rhonda is a very spiritual and intuitive reader. Her accuracy with readings for me have been outstanding and helpful. She uses all her talents during her readings and really listens to her intuition in how to proceed. Highly recommend getting a reading from Rhonda.” – Laura

“I had my cards read tonight by my dear friend Rhonda and I’m beyond amazed. The story she presented was uplifting and positive. It was amazing to me what one word could trigger, whether it was an answer or a question, it was worth more insight. The things she was seeing so closely simulated the life I live everyday and all the decisions that come with it, gave me a different way of looking at it all. The channeling for me was a ‘chest filling, I think I’m going to burst’ kind of a moment. The phrase you haven’t heard in years or a particular quirk that someone had, there was no doubt about their presence or their love for me. When we were done I had a peaceful feeling that hard work does get rewarded and descent people will prevail. One more thing, did I mention this was done via FaceTime. Amazing. Love you Rhonda and Thank You.” -Julie

“I was a big skeptic of all card readings and future predictions. That is, until I met Rhonda. The readings she gave to me were absolutely amazing. From being spot on about my relationship to my financial well being. The turning point was a conversation we had about my husband’s passing. Rhonda did not attend the funeral, but gave me a message from him that answered a question about the eulogy I gave. I was stunned and amazed. The raw honesty in her readings, made me a believer. At one reading, Rhonda talked about one Easter when I was a child, and told me about a story that actually happened! There was no way she could of known. I’m a true believer in Rhonda. I count on her for direction and guidance.” -Lynn S.

“My husband and I wed in 2015 with Rhonda as an officiant of our ceremony. We had a fusion wedding ceremony, combining parts of Hindu tradition and Christian tradition. As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy finding two people who would be open to this idea. We met Rhonda through our officiant who was going to conduct the Hindu part of our ceremony. Not only was she open to our ideas and desires, she was incredibly supportive and made her priority to make us happy. Rhonda had great ideas for us and with her help, we were able to put together the perfect ceremony. Come wedding day, she performed exceptionally well! The ceremony was beautiful and did not feel like two separate events, and in fact, was truly a fusion of our traditions, religions and desires. Rhonda worked very hard to make us happy and we will forever be grateful for this. She helped us have our perfect wedding, worked well with us and our other officiant to make everything we wished come true.  We would highly recommend having Rhonda be part of your special day. She will go above and beyond to help you make everything perfect and just the way you want it!” -Kyle and Simi

“My entire Tarot Reading was accurate from start to finish. Ten minutes into the reading, I broke down in tears. Rhonda was able to channel my best friend John Michael, which was very powerful. I understood the messages coming through from him. I need to take a different direction then he did and as long as I put my best foot forward, life would fall into place. I walked away from the reading feeling renewed. I feel like my mind is totally at ease now. Being a spiritual person, if I ever felt lost, I would come to Rhonda again- she is absolutely wonderful.” -John

“My reading was really good, comforting and accurate. I could definitely relate to the cards that were dealt. I felt reassured that I’m in charge of my own destiny, based on my own choices. Rhonda channeled my father who passed away. She asked me, “Who is George?” Growing up we had a statue in the corner of the hallway, that was like six feet tall. To everyone who came to visit, my dad would introduce this statue, with, “By the way, this is George!” When George came up during my reading, I almost fell off my chair. The memory brought a tear to my eye and put a smile on my face.” -Bill

“Before my reading, I was a skeptic, but after my reading and channeling session with Rhonda, I can’t help but to believe. My card reading was great, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. So many of my questions were answered, it was just an all-around positive experience. Rhonda channeled my brother who is no longer with us. I have not been able to have closure since his passing. There was a moment that I knew for certain this was really my brother coming through. Rhonda mentioned my stepfather by name- there is no way she could have known about my brother and the personal information coming through, I’d never met her before this. The reading brought me so much clarity and closure. I’m thinking I may do this again!” -Patrick

“Rhonda has been a part of my family since we were teenagers and I’m far closer to her than I am to a few of my siblings. Because of this, I put off having her read my cards, because I felt that she knows me too well to remain objective. Begrudgingly, I had her read my cards in October when I was visiting and didn’t think much of it until something that she told me would happen, did. And in a very big way. This made even more stunning because she told me–several times–that it was something I desperately needed to change to clear the way for the necessary positive forces to come and do their thing. I’m so use to dysfunction in my life, that I laughed and although I’m well aware that I needed to change this, I also know that I wouldn’t, as it’s always easier for me to stay the same rather than change. It happened and like I said, it happened in a way that was not only incredibly profound, it was completely out of my hands and I didn’t know it was happening until it was over. It’s too soon to tell if the positive forces are heading my way but I’m ready for them when they come. We also channeled my first lover who I hurt really badly and was estranged from and Rhonda mentioned something that no one else could possibly have known. She’s always been incredibly intuitive, sometimes to a fault, so it’s a short trip for her to become a Tarot Reader and Channeler. Thanks Rhonda!!!” -Timothy

“My first session with Rhonda started with a fairy card reading. The cards she was displaying in front of me precisely explained my journey, strengths, and goals, moving me to tears.  Rhonda also channeled my Grandpa Limon, and more than one message came through. One message that Rhonda delivered, notably reassured that the “light” I was experiencing, was in fact his way of communicating with me. My Grandpa also sent a message of big bird, which was the stuffed animal that he had given me before his passing. My reading with Rhonda was a very positive and enlightening experience. Very hard to put into words other than goosebumps!!!” -Jessica

“Earlier this week I had a reading by Rhonda. She was very detailed in many aspects of my life. She took the time to explain the meaning of each card to my circumstances. She often pulled more cards from different decks and each time the answer was consistent. She is amazing! Her guidance left me feeling confident about the path I am choosing.” -Mary Jane