Here’s my short story with Tim

As I was headed out on my morning walk, I glanced down at the ground and saw the most beautiful white angel feather, I remember thinking to myself, “Awwww, an angel feather, how sweet.”
As I continued walking, taking in the majestic mountains that surround the  beautifully snow capped valley, I lifted my head and was taken aback. Ahead of me were at least six sidewalk squares filled with gorgeous red rose petals.
I’m not putting anything together at this point, I’m just thinking to myself, how come the rose petals are on the sidewalk and there’s nothing on the rocks?  The sidewalk is surrounded by rock, I live in the desert so I was kind of perplexed.
I walked through these beautiful scattered red rose petals, and further down the road
I noticed the sun beams glistening on this broken vodka bottle. Normally,
 I would have walked right past a shattered bottle, but it was calling to me. It was literally glistening, sparkling so bright, that my curiosity got the better of me.
I walked over and took a look at the glass. I picked up a broken bottle and I turned it over to look at the foil picture. Immediately I recognized it was also an Angel message from my best friend Tim, who had crossed over quite a few months ago.

Tim lived in New York City, not far from Central Park, where I would go visit him. We created so many fabulous memories in that city. We spoke to each other frequently, at least every other week. He always ended our phone conversations with
I love you, sweetheart.

The picture on this broken vodka bottle was the Empire State Building. In that moment, I  realized that the angel feather, the rose petals, and now the picture on the vodka bottle, were a message from Tim…

He was trying to get my attention – the feather was Tim, the rose petals was him telling me “I love you, sweetheart” and the vodka bottle with the picture was his way of verifying it was him.
Now, had I not been in the moment I would’ve missed the message and  that would’ve been tragic.
Spirit is always talking to us, always.  We just have to be in the present moment to be able to see it.