Life Coaching with Tarot Reading & Channeling

Two of my favorite tarot decks are Angel and Fairy cards. I use the cards to tell the story in your subconscious mind. I’m an intuitive card reader, not a psychic – I simply relay the story that unfolds before me. There are other decks that I use, depending on the question that is asked. Through intense concentration, Spirit comes to me and relays messages from those who have departed before us. Often, these messages give some relief or closure to family or friends. This is not a psychic event, but a relaying of feelings, impressions and words.
40 minute session – including card reading and channeling – for $60.00
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Reiki involves the transfer of energy from practitioner to patient. This enhances the patient’s natural ability to heal itself through a rebalancing of energy. As a Certified Practitioner, I use specific techniques to restore and balance the natural life force within your body.
One-hour session for $60.00


Just like our bodies, our homes have energy. Smudging refreshes the energy balance of your home, especially after major events. This could include a death in the family, divorce, illness, or a spirit entity that is unwanted. Clearing the negative energies is an important aspect of creating a harmonious environment.
Pricing varies based on individual needs.

Marriage Officiating

I am licensed to perform legal marriage ceremonies. I am non-denominational and have married many couples, both same sex and opposite sex. My goal is to help make your special day as wonderful as possible.
Pricing varies based on individual needs.