Life Coaching with Tarot Reading & Channeling

Rhonda’s awareness of her spiritual abilities began in early adulthood when she remembered channeling her grandmother shortly after her death. Realizing that she could use this gift to those who may be searching for answers led her to share her abilities.

Rhonda is spiritually intuitive. She gets feelings and impressions from her spirit guides and signs around her. These impressions may come from a question from you or a spirit that wants Rhonda or you to know something of importance. By using Tarot cards and Angel Oracle cards, she is able to offer guidance and give you reassurance.

She is a Reiki Master, a yoga instructor and a life coach, which helps direct her responses and let know what direction you may be headed. With all these skills, Rhonda is dedicated to helping you find peace and the answers you are seeking.
Tarot card coaching session  – One-hour session  for $99.00
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Reiki involves the transfer of energy from practitioner to patient. This enhances the patient’s natural ability to heal itself through a re-balancing of energy. As a Certified Practitioner, I use specific techniques to restore and balance the natural life force within your body.
One-hour session for $75.00