Rhonda’s Tarot Readings | Testimonials

  • What I found interesting and helpful about having Rhonda do a tarot reading, was learning how to follow my intuition for my own life’s path. It allowed me to see a few ways I could take to reach my personal goals.  I’m excited to put that into motion. I also had confirmation that my loved one is happy and better now.  There were a couple signs that only I understood, one of them mentioned were my favorite pair of cowboy boots! 


  • Rhonda, thank you for my reading. The story of my life that you told was dead on! You gave me the conformation that I needed to hear to proceed forward.   I can’t thank you enough for your help on my journey. Best wishes to you now and always. 🙂


  • My card reading with Rhonda confirmed some things I already knew, and gave me insight into changes that are looming in my life.  The cards say the changes will be good which is very reassuring. When she channeled my parents, she saw my dad smoking a cigar and my mom didn’t want to be bothered because she was playing bunco.  That is so them – it made me smile!


  • I had Rhonda read my tarot cards and channel my beloved husband Mike, who just passed away a little over a week ago. I can’t tell you how HAPPY this made me feel. The tarot cards gave me hope and comfort that in time, I will be okay…


  • I have had MANY readings in the past and not one compares to my time with Rhonda. I was excited anxious nervous and second guessed having a reading considering how discombobulated my life is yet as Rhonda began reading she immediately made me feel calm and at ease. Things said related to work health family were so spot on it caught me off guard and I am still trying to understand how anyone could know the details of these situations … THEN … as Rhonda began channeling she described little mannerisms of people with full details of places insignificant to those outside my family and the specific gestures with tears known only to my mom and I -at that moment I knew this was REAL- bcuz I am not one to post my personal business on social media and you just cannot google “my” life … I am a firm believer in Rhonda and would highly recommend her to family and friends without hesitation -THANK YOU again for such an amazing experience!