Intuitive Card Readings

What you can expect from a reading with me:

1.) I will read for a couple of minutes. If you feel the information is valid then we will continue on with the reading, and you will be charged accordingly. Or we will terminate the reading at no charge to you.

2.) The tarot cards tell a story which is coming directly from your subconscious mind. I’m an intuitive card reader, not a psychic, although I can give you an idea of what your future may hold.

3.) Together, we’ll look at the cards and discuss the direction they’re pointing you in.

4.) Keep in mind, nothing that shows up in these cards is written in stone. It’s your story, and you have the ability to rewrite the story line at any given moment. You’re the director of your screen play. You pick the characters and set the stage. The cards more or less assist as you direct. My words aren’t predictions; they’re providing you with information so that you can create a great motion picture. I’m just relaying a story to you as I see it unfold before me.

5.) If you’re skeptical or have doubts or withhold information, this may hinder your reading. Please try to keep your mind open.

6) At the end of the session if you’d like to connect with a loved one that has passed on, we can attempt to make a connection then. I can’t guarantee we can connect with that person, but we will give it a good try.

7.) The information comes using my intuition. With affirmation from you, we will piece together the messages coming through. Occasionally, there is little or no connection. It’s a very rare occurrence and can happens for various reasons. It is the anomaly, though. The vast majority of my clients see results and most of them come back for more readings.

8.) This is valid for in person, phone, or Facetime.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy your experience.

Rhonda Brunett