Ever since I saw the manmade stacks of rocks on my trip to Hawaii, they seem to be popping up everywhere—including my house. Cairns, as they are known are created for various reasons and have been used, quite possibly since prehistoric times. In his book, ‘Cairns: Messengers in Stone,’ David B. Williams writes: “What’s more … More Cairns


Many of you know that my family and I are moving to Las Vegas soon but not before Murphy’s Law steps in to stir things up. After a month of open houses, our house finally sold and we had  twenty-nine days to vacate. That was seventeen days ago. As I type this, I only have … More Chaos


I haven’t had any contact with my biological father in two decades. This morning I woke up with a sinking feeling that he passed away. My mother and father have been divorced for thirty five years. I had to call my mother and tell her how I felt. I phoned my mother and we were … More Synchronicity

What if an ending is really a beginning?

Reading and channeling sessions have been different recently. Don’t get me wrong – some things are the same. People have questions they want answered. They want to know their deceased loved ones are safe and okay. Some clients, however, have different needs. For instance, one client was suffering from stage four cancer and didn’t have much time … More What if an ending is really a beginning?

Hanalei Part Two

As we approached Hanalei, the wreckage of the horrific storm is everywhere. There are roads still blocked off and huge trees that blew over onto the beach. Some of the homes are inhabitable. There is a lot of regrowth that’s apparent, as well, which makes me feel hopeful. There is a beautiful mountain that wraps … More Hanalei Part Two

Hanalei- Part One..

Today we’re heading up the southern part of Kauai from Poipu, then driving to the northern part of the island to spend the day at Hanalei beach. The town of Hanalei was hit with severe rain in April of 2018. Fifty inches fell in a twenty-four hour period. This triggered severe flooding and horrific landslides. … More Hanalei- Part One..


Today we traveled an hour west up the Na Pali Coast through Kauai to go hiking on the trails in Koke’s State Park. Everyone from Beth to Google says that this park holds some of the most gorgeous trails on earth and since I’m still awestruck as I write this, they were absolutely correct. These … More Nihau