It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, I’m sitting in the backyard enjoying the birds singing and the hot sun beating down on my skin. In this moment I feel so relaxed – enjoying this peaceful moment. Then my cell phone starts to ring. It’s kind of early for someone to be calling, only a few minutes before 7:00 AM.  … More Spirits

A Funeral

Sometimes having the ability to communicate with individuals who have crossed over can either make the hair on the back of your neck stand up on end, or put a smile on your face. Recently, I was attending a service for a close friend stepfather. My friend, Brandon’s stepdad had a blood clot, which got … More A Funeral

My Spiritual Journey

When my son was a toddler, he played with four beautiful Indian children; Swati, Mili, Ankur and their close friend, Manisha. These kids were over nearly every day and soon they became our family. It was a time of change for the suburbs of major American cities, with an influx of immigrants from Pakistan, India … More My Spiritual Journey


I often hear that I have a gift. The truth is we’re all gifted. Obviously, some more than others, depending on many factors, our birth sign, among others. Since Pisces represents that last stage of life, it is said that we have lived through all of life’s stages and have the collected wisdom of them all. … More Intuition


Imagine that you’re in a deep sleep, when suddenly the bed feels like it moved, you open your eyes and the spirit of someone you don’t recognize is leaning over your bed looking into your eyes–a actual entity.  This has happened to me dozens of times. Some of them I recognize but there are many … More Entities

Butch and Busha

It was barely the crack of dawn when my husband’s phone rang. It was too early to be a good sign. I could see the blurred blue lights of the alarm clock through squinted eyes yelling 4:45! I rolled over and made sure my unhappy groan was heard. My husband picked up the telephone and … More Butch and Busha