Rhonda Brunett

The Universe Works In Strange Ways, Part 2:

I have this crazy friend Wendy. She’s hysterical, like Lucille Ball and has made some people laugh so hard, they’ve wet themselves.

Wendy’s son was having some neurological issues and was scheduled for a brainwave test. When she asked if I would go along for the ride, I jumped at the chance. Going anywhere with her is a laugh filled adventure so I was more than happy to tag along- I am Ethel to her Lucy.


The test was at a hospital nearby. While we were in the exam room, the neurologist came in and I felt a wave of energy that caught me off guard. It was the same feeling I had when Rick’s bowling buddy got sick. This time was far more awkward. How do you tell a doctor he is sick and needs to see a doctor?

I sat quietly until the appointment was over and we all walked out of the room single file. The Doctor went right and we went left and headed towards the elevator. As the elevator doors closed, I told Wendy about what I was feeling and asked her call the nurse to explain my experience. Most people would balk rather than risk embarrassing themselves but not Wendy. When we got home, she called the nurse and told her about my intuition. Wendy and I laughed hysterically about this, as it was something Lucy and Ethel would do.

A month and a half later, Wendy called me shouting, “Are you sitting down? You are not going to believe this! The nurse from the neurologist’s office called to say the doctor wanted to thank us for inquiring about his welfare. Apparently, a week or so after our visit, he was seeing a patient and started having chest pains. He went down to the ER and was admitted into the hospital for a Triple Bypass Surgery.”

I followed my intuition and am grateful that it lead me in the right direction again and I’m glad I did the right thing, even if it was in a cowardly fashion this time.

The Universe Works In Strange Ways, Part 1:

My husband, Rick has been on a bowling league for as long as I can remember. Once in a blue moon, I would schedule a Friday evening off of work to watch him bowl and enjoy our friends and have a laugh or two. bowling-237905_640 This particular Friday evening was no different than any other. Rick bowled of a couple of good games and his buddies bowled pretty well themselves. Afterwards, a few of us pitched in for pizza and sat around talking nonsense. I noticed one of his teammates, Dick looked unwell and I had this feeling that he was seriously ill and should go to the doctor. I thought he would think that I’m looney if I told him to go to the doctor because he didn’t feel ill. I was sure he was sick. I kept my mouth shut, dismissed the feeling and enjoyed the rest of the night. The following day we had a good five inches of snow. The entire neighborhood was out shoveling. As the morning progressed, my husband received a phone call from one of the members of his bowling league. Dick had a massive heart attack while shoveling snow and was on life support. Sadly, he passed away. I made a promise to myself right then that if I ever had that feeling again, I would speak my truth and not worry about people questioning my sanity.

Do we inherit a family member’s intuitive or psychic abilities?

Recently, I was watching an episode from season two of Bewitched with my granddaughter. For my younger readers, Bewitched was a popular television show where Elizabeth Montgomery plays a nice witch (Samantha Stephens) who marries a mortal man (Darrin Stephens, played by Dick York for the first three seasons, then by Dick Sargent for the rest).  Samantha pbewitchedromises her Darrin that she will not to use her witchcraft under any circumstances. Samantha comes from a kooky family of witches and warlocks- most of whom disapprove of her marriage to a mortal- that constantly get her in crazy situations. The most disapproving of this Samantha’s marital arrangement is her mother, Endora (played brilliantly by Agnes Moorehead).  Endora refers to Darrin as any number of derogatory names beginning with the letter ‘D’- Dum Dum, Dimwit, Do Do, etc., but never ‘”Darrin”.  In season two, Samantha tells Darrin she’s pregnant. Darrin is as excited as any expectant father would be, until he realizes the baby could possibly inherit Samantha’s witchcraft. They have a beautiful daughter, Tabatha. Early on, they realize Tabatha has inherited witchcraft.  So does her little brother, Adam, who comes along three years later. Yes, this is just a television show and obviously we can’t conjure up a six course gourmet dinner of Peking Duck and Chocolate Soufflés for four just by twitching our noses – like Samantha did!!  But I believe that everyone is born with intuition. Some people have intuitive abilities that our greater than others. Like mothers when it come to their children, for instance. Most of us have our intuitions beat down by constantly being told to follow the norm rather than being taught to listen to our heart. But that is a topic for a later blog! Today, I want to talk about where I believe my psychic ability came from- directly inherited from my grandmother. The circumstances that took place at her funeral made me realize that I have the same abilities as my granny. (You can read all about my grandmother’s funeral in my previous blog.) The memories of my childhood are riddled with my knowing things I shouldn’t. Most are trivial, some were of minor importance and nearly all of them were things that the grownups didn’t understand. A memory that is etched into brain: I am at my aunt’s house where my relatives are gathered around the kitchen table immersed in conversation. My uncle is at the head of the table telling a story. Everyone is listening so closely to his every word, you could have heard a pin drop. I sat there listening to him go on and on, knowing with every fiber of my being, that this man was lying through his teeth.  Remember, I was just a kid and in those days you didn’t disrespect your elders. I wanted to call him on it so badly! I couldn’t help thinking, ‘doesn’t anyone else see and feel what I do?’  The answer was clearly no- they were buying all of it!  It wasn’t until years later that the truth was revealed. The question still remains, how the heck did I know that? Eventually, I learned to stop asking that question and for a while, I kept the information to myself. I felt different already; I certainly didn’t need people thinking I was some weirdo. But as my teenage years turned into early adulthood, I began to attract people who not only felt the way I did; they didn’t judge me because I was different. Some of them even respected me because of it. Little by little, I began to see my psychic ability as a gift from my grandmother. And now, I’m offering my grandmother’s gift to those who I can help see a path toward a more fulfilling life.

How it all began…

I was twelve years old when I became aware of my spiritual abilities. My world was rhonda-grandma-patronesuddenly turned upside down by my grandmother’s passing. My grandmother, Grandma Patrone, was quite a character-  she definitely wasn’t your average grandmother! She was unique and quirky- she had a small collection of dolls and some knickknack horses on a shelf in her living room. One of the horses was a black stallion. I didn’t pay much attention to the horse knickknacks because I so loved the doll collection. Unexpectedly, when I was 12, Grandma Patrone passed away in West Virginia.  She had been there visiting her sisters, Lillian and Pearl. She was staying at Lillian’s house when she was rushed to the hospital with chest pains and passed away of a heart attack. My father and his siblings flew out to West Virginia to take care of her arrangements. My cousins and I flew out a few days later. When I arrived, I was uneasy sleeping in the room where my grandmother had slept in just days before while she was visiting with my great aunts. I did my best not to think about it, even though I was really afraid and slept with one eye open on my first night. The next morning, great aunt Pearl made us all a huge breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs. After breakfast we were sent to our rooms to prepare for the service, which was being held later that afternoon. As I was sitting on the bed I spotted my grandma’s purse on the dresser. Out of nowhere I heard her voice whispering in my ear, “Rhonda, go in my purse and get that picture out of my wallet and my keychain.” I nearly fell off the bed! But I did what Grandma Patrone’s voice told me to do. The picture happened to be my favorite picture of her and I.  Once I had the picture and keychain, I heard her voice say, “Keep the picture in your hand. Don’t put it down. Keep looking at it.” So I did as she told me to. At the time I was too young to know that I was channeling my grandmother. When we left for the service I didn’t tell anyone what had transpired after breakfast, but I held the picture of my grandmother and the key chain (of Popo Gigio, the mouse from the Ed Sullivan show) throughout the whole day as I was told. At the wake I heard her tell me to pick a rose off of the casket and hold on to that too.  I followed Grandma Patrone’s directions. After the wake we got into the limousine behind the hearse and began our slow incline up into the mountains heading toward her final resting place. We passed through several small, quaint towns and came upon rolling grassy green hills with scattered yellow patches of flowers and miles of white fence. Me, my father, his siblings and my cousins were in the limousine.  Suddenly, it felt like someone turned my head to the side and I was looking out the window – at the most beautiful black stallion horse I ever saw!   The stallion’s mane and tail blowing in the wind so majestically that it took my breath away. I starting screaming, “Dad look! It’s Grandma! Look! She’s the horse! She has come to say goodbye to us! Look, look!” Everyone in the limousine balked but they too couldn’t quite believe their own eyes. I sat there, not sure of what just happened. We made it to the cemetery and a minister met us and held a service in her honor. When we were dismissed, we all gathered together and got back into the limo and headed to the luncheon. I was very hungry and really irritable and fixated on my growling tummy. It was so loud, I felt like everyone could hear it roar! During the ride everyone was quiet… except my belly. My father and his sister were carrying on a conversation which I was trying to block out while I gazed out the window at the beautiful landscape. I noticed in the distance the white picket fence -it made me think of that beautiful black stallion! About five minutes of watching a stream of white fences zooming by, I noticed that horse again, standing next to the white fence just ahead of us!  I yelled hysterically, “dad, tell the driver to slow down! It’s Grandma! She’s waiting for us! Tell him to slow down dad, please!”  My Father told the driver to slow down. We slowly passed that unbelievable beautiful black stallion. It stood there and its head turned as if watching our every move. We all knew without a shadow of a doubt that was indeed my grandmother’s spirit in that horse. This day was the start of hundreds of experiences I would encounter as a child, which still continue to this day. The difference now is that I know what’s going on! I have gotten accustomed to strange things happening over the years, that’s my normal. And this is story of how it began.