Rhonda Brunett

Puka Shells

I spent the entire day in the Hawaiian sunshine searching for tiny shells on the soft tan sand beaches. I’m collecting Puka shells, the tiny white shells that every ‘cool’ person wore in the 1970s. Puka shell anklets, key chains, necklaces and bracelets were everywhere. I remember the bracelet and anklet that I had, but my boyfriend out did me. He had a keychain, a necklace and two bracelets. We were both very cool! These shells brought back many memories. Today, I collected my fair share of them. I’m exhausted. I walked past a small makeshift hut made of reeds and  bamboo. The weathered elderly man inside had a half a dozen bushel baskets spilling over with Puka shells and was making Puka shell jewelry right on the beach. He spoke almost no English but his perpetual smile revealed his content. Everyone here smiles and it’s becoming very clear that it’s hard not to be happy here. Like clock work, tourists gather at sunset to watch the locals in Kauai surf the deep peacock blue waves that rush fiercely over the shore. This evening a young boy, no more than six years old, surfed these powerful waves with ease. At first, I was scared for him, but he was a professional and I was awestruck. It was incredibly impressive! The sunsets are magnificent. You run out of words to describe them. Tonight the colors and shapes of the clouds took my breath away. Now, I sit on a pier to write this and relish. By: Rhonda Brunett

Parakeets in Paradise

One of my closest friends, Beth picked me up from the airport with open arms and the most beautiful pink and white orchid lei. I’m touched by such a fabulous way to begin a vacation. It’s evening and very dark so I can’t see anything but the winding road as we make our way to the condominium. After ten hours and a five hour layover, I can’t wait to lay my head on a pillow. The exhaustion from traveling Ade me sleep well but the excitement from being here and the roosters crowing, I’m awakened and I’m not annoyed, I’m grateful. As I look out my window I can see hundreds of parakeets flying from every direction singing in unison, like a choir. Beth found this explanation for the magnitude of birds in Modern Farmer magazine published- January 18, 2018 by Sara Novak: The rose-ringed parakeet is threatening every crop on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai and they’re multiplying fast. On Kauai, the birds initially went wild in 1968, after workers at a bed-and-breakfast accidentally released a pair. Those two eventually attracted and bred others, including escapees from homes destroyed by 1982s Hurricane Iwa. Their numbers swelled from fewer than two-hundred in the mid-1990s to approximately one thousand by the dawn of the new millennium, today, theres more five thousand. That growth curve will only steepen, given the parakeets’ rapid reproduction rate and twenty to thirty year lifespan, coupled with the island’s hospitable climate and ample food. According to Thomas Kaiakapu, Kauai wildlife manager at the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources: “Left unchecked, the population could reach ten-thousand in the next five years.” These beautiful birds are an unbelievable sight to see, even though they are the countries nemesis. Come afternoon, We did a little shopping and then headed over to watch the sunrise. This truly in paradise.


It seemed like it took forever, but Sunday is finally here. I wake up before the sunrise laying in a meditative state dreaming about this magical place everyone refers to as paradise-Hawaii. I glance at my alarm clock, discouraged because it’s only 3:30 in the morning. I wish I could sleep just a little longer but I’m wide awake thinking of the very long day I have ahead of me. My husband and son are up promptly at 8:00 AM and helping me with my luggage. We’re all set to drive me to the airport. Arriving at United Terminal, there’s a quick embrace with the boys and they’re off to spend this scorching 90 degree afternoon in doors playing poker at the horseshoe casino. I stood in the dreaded TSA security line, then proceeded to my gate. There was plenty of time to spare, so I grabbed some snacks for the long flight a head of me. The plane was at full capacity, 185 people to be exact. While standing in line I had a brief chat with this very nice woman, Donna before boarding the airplane Of course my seat is all the way in the rear of the plane, which is okay because its closer to the rest room. I’m putting my bag under the seat in front of me, as I hear someone say, “What a Surprise!” I look up to see Donna preparing to sit down right beside me. What a treat! We introduce ourselves, then proceed to form a friendship while chatting from Chicago all the way to San Francisco. Our landing into San Francisco was nerve wracking. The runway was right off the water and I was sure we were gonna land in the bay. Gazing out the window I looked for the top of Golden Gate or Bay Bridge and the point of the Transamerica Pyramid but could only see a very visible haze from the California fires. It left me feeling sad. I have a five hour layover in San Francisco before boarding another aircraft and head to my final destination—a place people call Paradise, I’m forever grateful to Beth Manders for the invitation! Keep in touch Donna, and call me for a Tarot Card Reading soon!


I am so looking forward to my upcoming journey to Hawaii – my friends, the hiking, the food. I imagine what it will be like exploring the forests – ones of bamboo and of dense, lush greenery. And woven through the green will be brilliant splashes of color from flowers or birds. All around me will be the sweet smell of nature, bursting with freshness. Then there are the beaches with the tang of salt in the air. A myriad of blues in the water trying to reach the sand. Being outdoors has always helped restore my equilibrium and almost always puts me in a good mood. So, hiking, swimming and enjoying nature in Hawaii should make me one of the happiest people alive. Hawaiian natives even have a special word for this – mana. Mana is a spiritual energy present in people, animals, plants and the earth itself. I am looking forward to experiencing this mana for myself and hopefully be so infused with it that I bring it home with me – the best souvenir ever! This mana is also a big part of the ‘Aloha spirit’. Aloha spirit is a coordination of the heart and mind in every person. Thought of as part of the natural life force, it requires people to actively think about and share good feelings with others. It is so much more than a simple greeting or way to say goodbye. In fact, the state has even made it a law! All government officials, citizens and visitors are supposed to embody the Aloha spirt – and I can’t wait to share it all with you! By: Rhonda Brunett

Transcending By Rhonda Brunett

Transcending on your own watch without the assistance of a qualified Guru/Teacher is like dropping acid and hoping you don’t have a bad trip. There’s a good chance that you’ll be thrown you into a state of psychosis. I’ve been working with a qualified Guru, who is that daughter of an enlightened master for a several decades. This guidance has been a slow process in learning to properly prepare my body to transcend during meditation practice. It involves many different aspects of yogic teachings. Kundalini is a very powerful energy that resides at the base of the spine. In most individuals this energy is dormant until something causes it to awaken. This can be induced by yogic scripture, pranayama-breathing exercises, drumming music, repeating mantras or chanting. Or with the use of psychedelic drugs or herbs; which I don’t recommend. My Guru warns against the dangers of unguided Kundalini awakening. This can be extremely intense and an individual can become completely unglued causing psyche-induced states of psychosis as well as physical problems, the least of which is chronic back issues. Individuals that I’ve observed that are trying to do this could be putting their mind and body at risk. With the assistance of a Guru while experiencing a Kundalini awakening, a person can emerge into a new level of consciousness, experience oneness with the universe and attain psychic gifts and a heightened understanding about his or her path. Then your purpose becomes clearer and your mind and body remain healthier.

Jake Our Buddy

Every morning at 5:00 a.m., I curl up on the couch with a hot mug of coffee, one of my spiritual books and my favorite afghan and I gaze out my front window. Watching nature and enjoying the silence of my home are the two best ways to start my day. At 6:00 a.m., I read a few pages out of my spiritual books for inspiration, followed by forty-five minutes of yoga practice. And I end my routine with pranayama—which is breath control—then meditation. From one of my yoga poses, I saw my neighbor’s eleven years old son, Jake leaving for school. He and his mom, Sandy live directly across the street and I smile as Jake busts a move and boogies towards the bus stop. One afternoon while cutting a clients hair, I tilted my head down and felt an uncomfortable feeling in my throat, it was a weird feeling, like there was a lump, but there wasn’t a lump. As the weeks went by, my sore throat became worse. It was annoying me because I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I decided to make an appointment with my doctor to have it checked out. As I picked up the home phone to call the doctor, I got a text on my cell phone from Sandy. It was about her son. In the group text, she explained that over the past few months they have been taking Jake to see a specialist because he was having issues with his throat and Jake had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. My heart went out to Sandy and her family. I couldn’t imagine what she was going through. My husband, Rick walked in the room. He couldn’t hold back his tears. He was devastated. “Honey, did you see this text?” He asked. “I saw it Ricky. Are you okay?” The tears flowed down his cheeks. I held him tight and let him cry. Rick and Jake had been close for years. Rick, Jordan and Jake played fetch with our dog, Wilson nearly every weekend. I can’t count how many times I glanced out my front room window and saw Wilson chasing after one of them in the yard. In April, Rick’s father passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. As Rick and I slowly swayed back and forth, I knew Rick was processing his dad’s death as well as Jake’s diagnosis. At this point in his life, the word, ‘cancer’ is toxic to him. Rick composed himself and went back to work. This isn’t the first time I’ve intuitively taken on the illnesses of people I know. In many ways, I’m like a sponge that absorbs other peoples emotions and the issues that come with it. Of course, this is a gift—and a great one at that. However, it takes its toll on me emotionally and physically. Sometimes, my loved ones suffer, as well because it’s difficult to deal with my emotions and our friend who lives across the street simultaneously. But it is part of being Empath. Fortunately, This story ends on a great note. Jake received the proper treatment and he is cancer free! I just saw him at his mailbox. I thought to wave at him but I was overjoyed that this young man who I adore is full of life and smiling with joy. I sat back and enjoyed the moment By Rhonda Brunett

My Life Has Come Full Circle

At fifty-six years old, I feel like my life has come full circle. In my youth, I struggled continuously with one lesson after another, some of them beautiful, a lot of them painful. Mine was not a cookie-cutter childhood by any stretch of the word. My parent’s marriage was doomed from its inception and as often is the case, it took its toll on my brother, sister and I. Even as bad as it was, I do believe that I chose them to be my parents. My father was very self absorbed and extremely greed driven. My mother—though she was present in our lives—spent her time raising a mentally challenged child, which absorbed her every waking moment. When I was seven, my younger sister, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and a rare form of Epilepsy. Soon after, my mother turned our home into a physical therapy center. A continuous revolving door in which people came and went all hours of the day and night doing therapy with my sister. There were blackboards covering the walls of what had been our dining room, with schedules, notes and other information crucial to Susie’s well-being. I was old enough to realize that no matter how drastic these changes will be, they are necessary for Susie’s health. And although I loved my sister immensely, the situation created a deep sadness in me. I probably didn’t entirely understand my sister’s illness. That sadness and my parents deep hatred towards each other, left me with an undiagnosed case of clinical depression and a profound sense of loneliness. As a teenager, I jumped into a pool of experimental drugs and drinking that soon became a full fledged addiction. An addiction which carried on well into my twenties. I was dating a man name Rick and we partied together. In 1988, I had enough and joined AA. Rick had joined four months earlier. I was twenty-six years old and not only felt like I had lived a thousand lifetimes, I was still lost. Rick and I married in 1989. Today, Rick and I have nearly thirty years of sobriety. Living life sober and going in a positive direction, was instrumental in me finding myself. It hasn’t always been easy. One of the misnomers about sobriety is that people think that all you have to do is stay off drugs and alcohol. What people don’t say is that once that’s accomplished, you are back at square one and still have the problems people who don’t use have. Often more problems with the damage you creating while using. Even still, there’s nothing like a clean honest life. At thirty-one, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Jordan. When he was three years old, he was diagnosed with Autism. I was so angry at God, I cried all day long. I felt cheated. I had already lived this life, with my sister. What could I have ever done to deserve this? A day later, like my mother, I got to work. After fifteen years of investing my time and energy into my child’s therapy, he has recovered. I know that’s something you rarely hear when it comes to Autism. Perhaps, it was a miracle. What I do know is that because of watching mother and her mission to insure that my sister lived her life to the fullest, I was prepared to take on anything I needed to do to insure my son had the best life possible. Early in Jordan’s life, I realized that all the anger and bitterness and loneliness I had towards my sister’s therapy was all worth while to prepare me for my own child. He’s a grown man now but there are times when I look at him that my eyes well up thinking about it. During this Jordan’s childhood, I met some pretty awesome people—many of them children—who are still a part of my life. I’m not religious, but have always believed there is a higher power and one of my greatest gifts is that of a Guru I met in a yoga class. Her name is Hersh and is the daughter of an enlightened guru in India. She ran an Ashram, where she lectured on Sunday’s after yoga class. I stayed and attended her classes. She is a great friend and, among many other things, she taught me the Vedic Knowledge. Intuitively, I knew this was priceless information and I was extremely fortunate to be there. I eventually asked her to teach me one to one. She did and eventually I became her first white woman disciple. These situations have helped propel me on my path to awakening. Twenty-two years later, these lessons have put me more in touch and better able to understand my clients and people in general, as well as assisting me in giving other people hope, support and compassion. But most of all, love. By: Rhonda Brunett

Spiritual Diversity

Wednesday evening I read for a new client, Julie. She raved about the information she received from the Tarot Card reading. The highlight of her evening was the channeling session. Several of her deceased family members came through, which brought Julie to tears. The following day I received a text message from her. She’d been talking about her reading to some friends and apparently, one of them was angry that Julie went to the reading, because her friend believes that Tarot Cards and everything that relates to are work of the of the devil. To be diplomatic, my response to her text was that while I respect this woman’s opinion, I don’t agree with her. For the record, I am not an agent of Satan. I am a Spiritualist with deep roots in Hinduism and Christianity. I believe in love, harmony, happiness and peace for all and God or any Higher Power that you identify with. Where I wholeheartedly disagree with Julie’s friend, is that I am respectful of other peoples beliefs. And in my opinion, looking down at other’s beliefs or thinking that the God you worship is the only way to believe are the root of much of the conflict in the world and these days we have plenty. I feel that the Tarot Cards are a tool that I use to guide people in directions of their choice or to lift people up to make them feel better about themselves. Many times people seek counsel when they feel stuck or are in search of an unbiased opinion. I use these Tarot Cards and Channeling to assist clients through stressful, difficult and sometimes confusing situations. I can’t tell you if your going to die-but I can tell you what the cards suggests: to develop better eating habits, ending a toxic relationship or a job that may be wrong for you. The information that I glean from the Tarot Cards are suggestions. The decision making is in their hands. I’ve experienced my clients walking into my office feeling heavy and sad. And most of them leaves lighter and happier then when they walked out the door. This is why I’m a Tarot Card reader. I believe these cards are a blessing and I’m fortunate that I am chosen to do this work. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion but being able to respect or at the very least tolerate other people’s beliefs makes you a better person.

Angel Pillow

When I was a child, my grandmother gave me a gift for Christmas: an Angel pillow. She passed away when I was twelve years old and I buried it with her–I missed, more like mourned my Angel pillow. I loved it so much. Old Angel PillowTwo years ago I asked my artist friend Deb Donnelly, if she could replicate the pillow. She went on Etsy and put in the search box, ‘Vintage Angel’ and found the Angel–only ONE of them! I was beyond thrilled. New Angel PillowMy granddaughter said, “Maybe your grandma dropped it down from Heaven?” I said, “You’re right Danica, I think she did.” — Anything is possible! Now,  I have my favorite Angel Pillow and Angel Tarot Cards. I love my Angel Tarot Cards! Deb Donnelly is Owner of the Caricatures Shop- you can find Deb at HERE


A common theme that keeps popping up in my tarot-card readings is the Forgiveness card. Why should we consider forgiveness? First thing to understand is that when we forgive someone, we forgive for ourselves. A quote by J.D. Jakes: “I think the first step is to understand that forgiveness does not exonerate the perpetrator. Forgiveness liberates the victim. It’s a gift you give yourself.” Forgiveness is a gift that we give ourselves, other wise it’s possible that we may never fully be able to give our entire self or our heart to any other individual fully. We all have been hurt and I would venture to say, we have all hurt at least one person in our lifetime. When holding on to resentment, the only person who gets burned is the person harboring the anger. It’s kind of like you holding onto a hot piece of hot coal expecting the other person to get burned. Forgiveness frees us to move forward with our life and opens our heart up to fully love and be loved. This has been an observation and something I believe most of us could use a little help with. Develop a practice to help us release pain, hurt and anger and let go. Here’s a couple of suggestions of things I practice. Not that I’m perfect at these–that couldn’t be further from the truth but many of these tools have helped in difficult times and in difficult circumstances. When all consumed in my own issues, it was once suggested to me by my Yoga Teacher to do service work. When I’m spending time with someone in need–this can be just a visit to someone who is lonely or is suffering with an illness–I suddenly feel my problems seem to disappear. I’m not so self absorbed because my focus is on helping the other individual work through their pain. When you see that person smile, it helps to brings feelings of joy. Another tool is to write a letter to the person I feel anger or resentment towards, letting all my raw emotions filter onto the paper. When I have completed the letter, I burn it, letting go and giving it to the Universe God. Helpful books: – “Let it Go-Forgive so you can be Forgiven.” by J.D. Jakes – “A 7- Step Program for Letting go of Anger and Bitterness.” by Dr. Eileen R. Borris-Dunchunstang Reconnect with your spirit. Prayers seem to help release resentment. You can try praying for someone thirty days in a row. This seems to lessen the burden. Sometimes these things take a little time. When you’re successful doing this, you will not only feel a love for that person who did you wrong, you will feel a profound feeling of loving yourself.