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I was twelve when I had my first profound spiritual interaction with my grandmother shortly after she died. I continued to have spirit interactions which became so vivid I was compelled to share my abilities with my clients. I am spiritually intuitive and get feelings and impressions from spirits around me. These impressions could be from a direct question from you or from a spirit that wants you to know something.

Tarot readings have helped me hone my intuitive skills. Cards help direct responses and let you know what direction your life may be headed. By using a variety of decks, I am able to relay guidance and reassurance to you. Becoming a Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Instructor are natural evolutions of my spiritual abilities. With all of these skills I am dedicated to helping you find peace and answers to your most pressing questions.

I am an advocate for disadvantaged children and young adults for over five decades, my career began in 2004 when I published a memoir recalling my son’s struggles with Autism, which quickly blossomed into speaking engagements on radio and television for Autism awareness. I have three decades of experience as a yoga instructor, nearly ten years as a Reiki Master and Wedding Officiant, six years as a Tarot Card Advisor, over thirty years of sobriety and a lifetime propensity to help disadvantaged young people find the necessary tools to help insure them a quality life.

Rhonda Brunett

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