This is No House of Cards, Tarot is a Spiritual Bridge

All of my life I have dedicated myself to helping others. When I discovered my son had Autism, I studied and learned all I could to help him – and I shared that knowledge with other parents, teachers, and anyone else who needed it. As a runner, I have coached many who were just hoping to get into better shape and helped them find the joy in running and how that joy carries over into other parts of life. As a tarot card reader, I am able to help even more people. I see tarot readings as a form of therapy. People come to me with questions and with the cards, I help them find the answers that the universe is offering them to find within themselves. I’m not a psychic, I won’t tell you that I can predict the winner of the 5th race at Belmont or what the next Powerball numbers will be. I use my intuition to really help my clients with their worries, fears, grief, or any other question they might have. Tarot cards are a way for me to deliver messages from the spirit realm. This means different things to different people, depending on their level of belief. For instance, Some see it as a parlor game, light and fun with no real substance. I see it as a way to connect people with the forces at work in their lives. Read some of my reviews on Facebook or my website to see what others have experienced. Whether you are just beginning to think of a tarot reading or looking to deepen your spiritual connection, I am here for you. Contact me today to get your appointment set. rhondatarot