Many of you know that my family and I are moving to Las Vegas soon but not before Murphy’s Law steps in to stir things up. After a month of open houses, our house finally sold and we had  twenty-nine days to vacate. That was seventeen days ago. As I type this, I only have twelve days left. I notified my hair-styling clients that I was leaving soon and have spent much of the month on the phone with many of them, making final appointments and laughing and crying—mostly crying—while saying our goodbyes. I’m sorting out my beauticians license, not so I’ll have something to fall back on but because I worked so hard for it, I can’t see letting it lapse. As it turns out, I have all the credits I need! I’ve had a lot readings during this time, which I’m very grateful for and I’m working on my new Tarot Card website for Las Vegas. We have two fairly major issues with the house that we have to fix before we leave and of course the usual packing, cleaning, organizing and decision making. We’re only taking what will fit in a storage pod and have been selling the rest. It’s a wonderful feeling to let go of so many things! Not to mention the things I do as a wife and a mother and taking care of my physical and mental health. And last but not least, the house in Vegas that we had our hearts set on fell through. Thank the Universe for my great friend Joan who has invited us to stay with her until we get situated! They say that moving is one of the most stressful things to go through. I agree! The months leading up to this were some of the most difficult for me to process. I’ve been apprehensive and sometimes fearful being out of the comfort zone that I’ve built for decades. Today, I’m seeing the circle of life in all this chaos. Endings, no matter how hard they are, always produce new beginnings. I’m ready to be re-born in Fabulous Las Vegas! vegas