What if an ending is really a beginning?

Reading and channeling sessions have been different recently. Don’t get me wrong – some things are the same. People have questions they want answered. They want to know their deceased loved ones are safe and okay. Some clients, however, have different needs.

For instance, one client was suffering from stage four cancer and didn’t have much time left in their life. Facing your own mortality is a difficult circumstance. They had many questions – and of course, I don’t have all the answers, nobody does. By the end of our session, they were more relaxed and not so fearful of what was to come. They even let me know that they now felt they face every day they have left with the idea that if they were to die that day, it would be with peace and understanding.


Another client had suffered a recent loss of a dear loved one. They looked to me for solace and understanding – a way to help them cope with the grief. Luckily, I was able to help them interpret signs that the loved one was sending them. They now know what to look for and to take comfort in those signs.


Life is a journey that takes you in many directions and always to one certain moment – death. Many people feel very uncomfortable with the idea of death, viewing it as a harsh ending to life. In some sense, this is true. Life as you know and understand it will be over and the unknown is always unsettling.


It initially unnerved me to read for someone who knew that they were dying and did not have much time left. I knew the questions would be difficult and that while I wanted to buffer the answers, information had to be given honestly. What I discovered is that this approach was well-received.

Being open and honest about sickness and death lets you deal with the emotions of these subjects – bringing out the darkness and into the light. Overall, the experience can be educational and beautiful. Do you have questions you want to explore? Call me and schedule an appointment and we will look at your journey together.



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