Life on Hawaiian Time – Living in the Moment

I think, after spending more than 10 hours a day for two weeks outside in Hawaii did something to my soul. I learned to slow down and smell the plumeria, to enjoy every single moment. I don’t mean every moment was perfect – there was still traffic and wanting to be places as fast as possible. I did, however, learn to enjoy the time to took to be where I wanted to be. In Hawaii, things get done when they get done. Here, everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere – even if that somewhere isn’t really anywhere that truly matters to them. Rarely do people take the time to enjoy where they are in the moment they are there. Right now, what is around you? What can you hear? How does the air feel against your skin, or the floor under your feet? Take a moment from reading, close your eyes and feel. Pretty good isn’t it? In order to keep feeling this sense of peace and enjoying the moment, I found I needed to get rid of clutter around me. Clutter stresses me out and makes me feel like I should be getting a hundred other things done. Which completely zaps any enjoyment I was feeling. So, what did I do? I gathered stuff that I really didn’t need anymore. So far, three gigantic bags full of stuff have made their way to the recycling bin. Even more has been donated for someone else to enjoy. This has made my environment simpler, and I feel like I can enjoy my life even more. If something still feels off after you’ve simplified as much as you can, consider smudging the environment. This can help dispel unwanted feelings and promotes a spiritual cleansing. Feel free to contact me with any questions about smudging. Life is still stressful – there is no way to completely eliminate it – but I handle it better. It doesn’t get caught up in the clutter. There is enough space for life and family, friends, and flowers.

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