Kauai’s Highlights!

Coming off a grueling eleven hour flight and having my dear friend Beth greet me, smiling ear to ear, and placing a gorgeous plumeria lea around my neck was priceless! Plumeria is a flower grown in Hawaii for lei production, these flowers are given as a welcome or simply worn as an accessory behind your ear. People here in Hawaii are on what’s called; Hawaiian time. Not one native on this Hawaiian island is in any hurry to do or go anywhere! Coming off the hectic hustle and bustle lifestyle of the mainland, it took few days to feel this Zen energy that these native folks have going on.. I find the natives voice inflections, soothing- they drag out the end of their words- “You’re going to Hanaleiiii…allrighttt…” Hawaiians don’t seem to get their feathers ruffled like Roosters on this island do. Hawaii’s official State bird is the Hawaiian Nene, but on Kauai, the joke is that the “official” birds of the Garden Island are the roosters. On several hiking excursions- we have been blessed and thrilled to be up close and personal- with several endangered species like the Hawaiian monk seal. Hawksbill sea turtle Hawaiian name: Honu’ea. Is an endangered species The Nene Goose the official bird of the state of Hawaii the nene is exclusively found in the wild on the island is an endangered species. Sunrises and Sunsets here on the island are beyond spectacular- it’s like watching God paint the sky with watercolors, creating portraits that change with the spectacular trade wind breeze. I personally have never seen anything so beautiful!! Mahalo 🤙🏻 Beth & Jeff Manders- I will cherish these memories forever! 🏄🐠🌴🏖💫

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