It seemed like it took forever, but Sunday is finally here. I wake up before the sunrise laying in a meditative state dreaming about this magical place everyone refers to as paradise-Hawaii. I glance at my alarm clock, discouraged because it’s only 3:30 in the morning. I wish I could sleep just a little longer but I’m wide awake thinking of the very long day I have ahead of me. My husband and son are up promptly at 8:00 AM and helping me with my luggage. We’re all set to drive me to the airport. Arriving at United Terminal, there’s a quick embrace with the boys and they’re off to spend this scorching 90 degree afternoon in doors playing poker at the horseshoe casino. I stood in the dreaded TSA security line, then proceeded to my gate. There was plenty of time to spare, so I grabbed some snacks for the long flight a head of me. The plane was at full capacity, 185 people to be exact. While standing in line I had a brief chat with this very nice woman, Donna before boarding the airplane Of course my seat is all the way in the rear of the plane, which is okay because its closer to the rest room. I’m putting my bag under the seat in front of me, as I hear someone say, “What a Surprise!” I look up to see Donna preparing to sit down right beside me. What a treat! We introduce ourselves, then proceed to form a friendship while chatting from Chicago all the way to San Francisco. Our landing into San Francisco was nerve wracking. The runway was right off the water and I was sure we were gonna land in the bay. Gazing out the window I looked for the top of Golden Gate or Bay Bridge and the point of the Transamerica Pyramid but could only see a very visible haze from the California fires. It left me feeling sad. I have a five hour layover in San Francisco before boarding another aircraft and head to my final destination—a place people call Paradise, I’m forever grateful to Beth Manders for the invitation! Keep in touch Donna, and call me for a Tarot Card Reading soon!

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