Transcending By Rhonda Brunett

Transcending on your own watch without the assistance of a qualified Guru/Teacher is like dropping acid and hoping you don’t have a bad trip. There’s a good chance that you’ll be thrown you into a state of psychosis. I’ve been working with a qualified Guru, who is that daughter of an enlightened master for a several decades. This guidance has been a slow process in learning to properly prepare my body to transcend during meditation practice. It involves many different aspects of yogic teachings. Kundalini is a very powerful energy that resides at the base of the spine. In most individuals this energy is dormant until something causes it to awaken. This can be induced by yogic scripture, pranayama-breathing exercises, drumming music, repeating mantras or chanting. Or with the use of psychedelic drugs or herbs; which I don’t recommend. My Guru warns against the dangers of unguided Kundalini awakening. This can be extremely intense and an individual can become completely unglued causing psyche-induced states of psychosis as well as physical problems, the least of which is chronic back issues. Individuals that I’ve observed that are trying to do this could be putting their mind and body at risk. With the assistance of a Guru while experiencing a Kundalini awakening, a person can emerge into a new level of consciousness, experience oneness with the universe and attain psychic gifts and a heightened understanding about his or her path. Then your purpose becomes clearer and your mind and body remain healthier.

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