Spiritual Diversity

Wednesday evening I read for a new client, Julie. She raved about the information she received from the Tarot Card reading. The highlight of her evening was the channeling session. Several of her deceased family members came through, which brought Julie to tears. The following day I received a text message from her. She’d been talking about her reading to some friends and apparently, one of them was angry that Julie went to the reading, because her friend believes that Tarot Cards and everything that relates to are work of the of the devil. To be diplomatic, my response to her text was that while I respect this woman’s opinion, I don’t agree with her. For the record, I am not an agent of Satan. I am a Spiritualist with deep roots in Hinduism and Christianity. I believe in love, harmony, happiness and peace for all and God or any Higher Power that you identify with. Where I wholeheartedly disagree with Julie’s friend, is that I am respectful of other peoples beliefs. And in my opinion, looking down at other’s beliefs or thinking that the God you worship is the only way to believe are the root of much of the conflict in the world and these days we have plenty. I feel that the Tarot Cards are a tool that I use to guide people in directions of their choice or to lift people up to make them feel better about themselves. Many times people seek counsel when they feel stuck or are in search of an unbiased opinion. I use these Tarot Cards and Channeling to assist clients through stressful, difficult and sometimes confusing situations. I can’t tell you if your going to die-but I can tell you what the cards suggests: to develop better eating habits, ending a toxic relationship or a job that may be wrong for you. The information that I glean from the Tarot Cards are suggestions. The decision making is in their hands. I’ve experienced my clients walking into my office feeling heavy and sad. And most of them leaves lighter and happier then when they walked out the door. This is why I’m a Tarot Card reader. I believe these cards are a blessing and I’m fortunate that I am chosen to do this work. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion but being able to respect or at the very least tolerate other people’s beliefs makes you a better person.