Irene & Colby

Last night, I was thinking back to the first time I had my cards read. In a conversation one evening, I discovered that my friend Mary’s mother, Irene, reads cards intuitively- Excited, I made the call and scheduled my appointment to have my cards read. irene.jpg Irene invited me into her dining room. On the table she had a regular playing deck of cards, a cup of coffee, a tape recorder and a timer. Her fee was a little steep but I was glad to pay her for information about my future. As she began her reading, I had a million thoughts running through my mind. I found it fascinating and accurate. I was pleased. I recall thinking what a cool gig it was–she’s retired, reads cards three days a week, she’s getting a lot of social interaction and she makes great money. When I get older I’d like to do this. The years flew by and I totally forgot about this experience. Many years later, I went to Florida to visit my friend Karen and her husband Russ. I spent the week on white sandy beaches, abundant sunshine and swimming in her pool that overlooked the bay. One afternoon we were looking for something different to do. Karen suggested getting a Tarot Card Reading. We found the Enchanted Earth Metaphysical Shop about eight miles away. The place looked a little run down but we decided to try it, anyway. As we were browsing around, I noticed a room with hundreds of jars filled with herbs, snake skin, chicken feet and other weird stuff, which I assumed was for witch spells. Suddenly, I see this guy dance around the corner, his long blonde curly hair hung down on his black, grey, and white tie-dye T-shirt. His bright florescent sarong nearly touched his bare feet. “He looks directly into my eyes and asks, is your name Rhonda?” I said, “Yes.” “I’m Colby.” He twirls around, looks back over his shoulder and says, “Follow me.” Tarot ReadingHe led me into a room that closely resembled a gypsy wagon with an array of materials hanging from the walls. His Tarot Cards and a velvet draw string bag sat on a small grey lacquered table with two chairs. The room smelled of newly burned incense. Colby looks at me with his bright baby blues and tossed the cards out onto the table, studying them closely, he said, “Rhonda, you’re going to be changing you career path.” “I laughed at him and explained that all I’ve ever done was hairdressing, however at one time in my life I thought about reading Tarot Cards when I’m older. He tilted his head and long locks to the side and said, “Rhonda, you are older.” I burst out laughing, saying a few choice words and said, “You’re right, I am older.” I left there with so much to think about. I flew back home and began charting out my journey. And because of Irene and Colby’s influence I’ve arrived. This is my purpose. I truly believe I’m here to help others on their path to finding out who they really are.

A special Thank You goes out to Irene and Colby.