It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, I’m sitting in the backyard enjoying the birds singing and the hot sun beating down on my skin. In this moment I feel so relaxed – enjoying this peaceful moment. Then my cell phone starts to ring. It’s kind of early for someone to be calling, only a few minutes before 7:00 AM.  I go ahead and pick up my phone to see who it is. Hmmm– it’s Wendy, I better answer this just in case something is wrong. It’s not like her to call me this early. I pick up and she’s frantic, she goes on to tell me her daughter, Amber, has had a ghost in her closet for apparently a very long time. For about fifteen years Amber has felt its presence, but really didn’t know what she could do about the situation, so she just ignored it, especially since this ghost seemed harmless. Amber now has a boyfriend, who has been spending the night sleeping in Amber’s bedroom. This young man has been pushed and poked, had his hair pulled, and heard his name called. It’s scaring the crap out of him, not to mention disturbing Amber. Wendy asked me if I could come over and smudge her house. I made myself available, understanding that this is causing a great deal of fear for this young man and everyone else. I made arrangements to drop by that afternoon. Gathering my smudging materials, I let my husband know where I’m off to – and he just rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Nothing out of the ordinary, I’m going to remove a spirit from a friend’s home, something ordinary people do this all the time, right? When I arrive, I set up my materials and start smudging the home. Starting by myself, I say a prayer and begin in Amber’s bedroom. As I open the closet, I feel the presence of a young child – he’s a little boy. I ask him his name and he tells me telepathically that his name is Tommy. I call Amber in to the room and share what just happened with her. Her jaw drops! I ask her what is wrong? She goes on to explain a while back she was trying to communicate with the spirit using a dowsing rod. I go on to explain that there is a little boy in the closet under the comforter she has laying jumbled in the corner on the floor. Do you still want me to ask him to leave, he’s harmless. Amber says yes, he’s got to leave he’s scaring my boyfriend. All of a sudden I start sobbing, Amber is really taken aback, but I explain it’s not me that’s crying, it’s Tommy. Poor Amber feels terrible, so I shoo her out and begin to send Tommy to the light. I could actually feel his presences leave, an interesting experience. I go on to smudge the rest of the house and everyone in the family gets the full treatment as well. I have Amber remove the mirror from her bedroom in order to prevent it being used as a portal by this little boy, or any other entities. My work is done. I’m pretty sure he has left for good, but you never know what might happen. Wendy tells me they believe Tommy’s officially gone. All the hair pulling and poking has stopped. I hope Tommy is now a Happy Little Angel. About dowsing, from Tony Harrington’s website, The Spirit Seekers. “The act of dowsing is rather simple. The rods are held firmly in each hand and do not themselves move. Instead, the rods are embedded into the handles on a pivot allowing the rods to swivel. The handles are held closely to the chest or abdomen of the dowser to FullSizeRender prevent accidental manipulation of the rods, the dowser’s legs are spread shoulder width to ensure a stable stance void of swaying. Instructions are announced to any spirit present on how the rods are to be used. Ground rules are established in how the questions are to be answered. Typically, crossed rods indicate an answer in the positive. After each question the spirit should be asked to uncross the rods. A negative response is typically indicated by the lack of manipulation. Because of this you will want to periodically ask the spirit if they are still there to gauge whether the lack of response is a negative response to a question or because the spirit has departed the scene.” Tony goes on to suggest speaking to the spirit or entity to lean more about them. He often poses the following questions: 1) Are you male? 2) Are you female? 3) Are you a child? 4) Are you an adult? 5) Were you human? 6) Did you die here? 7) Were you murdered? 8) Did you die of natural causes?

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