Becoming A Minister

What event in life propels you to become a Minister, so you can officiate weddings?
For me it was when my friend Cyndie passed away. She was a great friend and I desperately wanted to give her eulogy. I was asked too and honored to be able to tell her story.
Cyndie was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t care for that word, but she had it. I happened to come see her in the hospital immediately after she was told there was nothing more that they could do for her.
As any good friend would do, I promised her that I would look out for her children and mother.
I’ve kept that promise.IMG_09661
I was talking to another very close friend of mine, Maryjane. We met and became friends in high school. I was telling her how much I enjoyed speaking on Cyndie’s behalf, I couldn’t imagine letting someone who didn’t know her, tell her story. Then I was being silly and said; “when I’m a senior citizen–I’ll become a Minister and Officiate Weddings, and give Eulogies at Funerals this way I’ll never go hungry–they always feed the minister afterwards.”
We laughed and I forgot about our conversation–that is until she called me about three weeks later asking me if I would officiate her sons wedding. I couldn’t say no, this is a best friend and her son is getting married. I do it and it was such a wonderful experience that I’ll never forget. The following weekend, I officiated another wedding–my girlfriend Cyndie’s daughter Erica and her fiancé Brandon.
Both of these weddings have brought joy into my heart, so I continued on.
I love watching two individual profess their love for each other. I can’t even explain this feeling, it’s more than just joy.
There’s nothing like being involved in a ceremony–be it a lavish one or a quick exchange of vows in a small venue.

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