A Funeral

Sometimes having the ability to communicate with individuals who have crossed over can either make the hair on the back of your neck stand up on end, or put a smile on your face. Recently, I was attending a service for a close friend stepfather. My friend, Brandon’s stepdad had a blood clot, which got lodged in his brain stem. He pulled through but struggled physically for years. Even though he was confined to a wheel chair, was unable to walk or talk and needed to have a full time care giver, he never gave up. Eventually, he ended up passing away due to completely a different set of circumstances–a heart attack. At the funeral, I approached his casket, knelt down to say a prayer and as I close my eyes, I see Brandon’s stepdad standing in front of me smiling. He was back to his original self before his illness and he goes on to say–with a gesture using his fingers pointing to his legs and feet–says, “I’m back!” I was overjoyed for him and wanted to giggle but I’ve never experienced this before, which made the situation even more awkward. In that moment, I would have loved to turn around and tell everyone in the room what just happened. I didn’t do that of course but what I did tell my friend Brandon. He was delighted and his face went from a face of sorrow to a smile that stretched from ear to ear. He asked me to tell the story to his grieving mother. I wasn’t so sure about this, so I turned him down. He told her and from across the room, I could see him telling his mom and sisters. They all turned to look at me. I smiled and waved, a little embarrassed yet happy that I could let them all know he was happy and a whole man again. In moments like this I really am delighted to have this awareness. I can see it’s really making a difference in people’s life’s! angel-2170849_640.jpg

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