I often hear that I have a gift. The truth is we’re all gifted. Obviously, some more than others, depending on many factors, our birth sign, among others. Since Pisces represents that last stage of life, it is said that we have lived through all of life’s stages and have the collected wisdom of them all. Virgo’s often have an uncanny intuition and male Aries, as well as others. The problem for nearly everyone is that we are taught not to listen to our ‘gut’ from an early age. Everything from preschool to the workplace and in most organized religions, there’s tremendous pressure to fit in. The reason is obvious–it’s easier to control the masses–but teaching people to ignore their intuition is deplorable. I’ve always balked at being normal. I’ve been an outcast all of my life and have not only attracted other outcasts into my life, I’ve cherished them for being there. I have certainly received more than my share of dirty looks in my life and my husband thinks I’m crazy, but this has served me well when it comes to channeling and interpreting the Tarot Cards. We can hone our intuition. I’ll share a few exercises that you can practice on your own at the end of this blog. I’m a hair-colorist by trade, I deal with many different personalities and naturally, many of my clients have suffered various physical ailments and emotional pains. I’ve learned that if I feel pain come on suddenly, ninety-nine per cent of the time it’s not me. It’s not always easy though. It’s a double edged sword and many times this has caused me a great deal of pain and discomfort. I pick up people’s emotions and if they suffer with a physical pain, I feel that too. For this reason, I’m not a fan of huge gatherings. Have you ever been in around a family member or friend that is upset and you walk into the room their standing in and you feel uncomfortable? Imagine walking into a crowd, like a mall or party or restaurant. Like a sponge, I pick up everyone’s baggage, which is one reason that I prefer to be alone. Here’s a few ways you can sharpen your skills–don’t be too hard on yourself, have fun with this and you might just surprise yourself. Intuition Exercise #1: This can be done with two or more people. Take a magazine and cut out pictures of anything you like; a sun, clouds, mountains, etc. Make as many or as little as you’d like. Next fold the paper and insert in an envelope. Mix them up and pass one at a time around the table. Let each person hold the envelope using their intuition to guess what might be in the envelope. Clear you mind and use your senses. What do you see? What do you smell? Don’t doubt yourself, just say whatever comes to your mind, you will get better! Intuition Exercise #2: Another exercise you can do is to pick up a deck of cards and without looking, try to guess what is the card your holding? Is it red or black? Or go even further and guess if it’s a Club, Heart, Ace, King, etc. In the beginning this helped me tremendously. It’s not about having the correct answer. In fact, the more concerned you are with getting the answer correct, the more you’re filling your mind with distraction and getting farther from the voice that is in us all. playing-cards-2205554_640

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