My Spiritual Journey, India: Day 10

My Guruji Hersh, her husband Mike, Surekha and myself take the train to New Delhi. Her cousins, Binu and Bitoo Malhotra picked us up to spend two nights with them in their home. It’s quite a contrast from the second ashram building we just came from; from poor conditions to lavish food, pampering and servants. We visit a few historical places, The Red Fort and The Lotus Temple. There were about twenty young teenagers wanting to give me the high five. I’m not asked for pictures this time, however there is one other Caucasian woman, who is being asked. I shout out to her, “Welcome to my world.” On our way to the next stop, a woman is robbed. Her purse is ripped right out of her of hands. She’s on three-wheel scooter with her friends, right next to our taxi. She starts screaming and running after the thief causing a chain reaction with many others begin chasing after him. He bends like a pretzel through a fence, so I don’t know if he was caught. This scares Surekha and I, so we decide to cut our sight-seeing tour short. Binu sets up appointments for manicures and pedicures and to have my eyebrows threaded. Dinner is at a Chinese Restaurant. I’m being treated like a princess only in a worldly fashion. On this trip, I’ve been able to experience two completely different ways of life! I’m looking forward to seeing my family. I do miss my husband, Rick and my son, Jordan. Maybe a little more prayer and a little more shopping before I return home. A nice way to transition back to America! 17634495_10213300713931745_2426705593345451765_n 17903694_10213351081910913_2881289639615226295_n

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