My Spiritual Journey, India: Day 8

Today, as we continue celebrating Ramnavami, my heart chakra opens up during morning prayer and tears come streaming down my cheeks. I realize how fortunate and grateful I am to be part a loving family, that just so happens to be the family of a renowned realized Guruji. Since his passing, this Ashram here in India is being run by another amazing Guru, Chander Mohan Arora. I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to be a part of this amazing family and being included in their everyday life and traditions. They have welcomed me with open arms! We head from the Ashram to a huge celebration. As we exit our cars, the driver jumps out of the car and opens my door. There are people everywhere. The Guruji and his wife Amita, lead us walking down a white runner, similar to a bride walking down the isle on her wedding day, with rose petals and flowers scattered on it. The fragrance of the flowers is potent. People are crying and placing flowers in our hands and bowing and touching our feet. We very enter a small temple with an alter. Everyone is chanting. We head into the Ashram and people sob as they drop to the Gurus feet, as well as his families feet, myself included! They’re taking pictures and bowing their heads with hands in the prayer position. There is a feeling of royalty in the humblest sense. I realize in this moment, I’m experiencing an event that people in India only dream of. The celebration takes hours. It’s very hot and I’m perspiring to the point that I’m soaking wet. The devotees are going into a trance state, called smadhi. Some people drop right to the floor, very much like passing out. I was concerned someone might get injured but my Guruji Hersh assured me that this never happens. There are people dancing, some are singing and many rush up to the alter where the Guru sits and drop down to his feet, staying in one position for twenty minutes to an hour or sometimes even longer. This was unsettling to me at first, however, I quickly adjusted. After the celebration there was chai tea and lunch provided for the family. It was right then in this moment that I had a spiritual awakening–how does an American woman end up in India at an Ashram, with a Guru and their family breaking bread? My God, if it is true that we create our own realities, I’ve just gone above and beyond. I feel just like a princess, and this is one fabulous dream! 17884651_1900680413546042_3423756918766477473_n 17522667_1900808906866526_7812130572751748396_n

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