My Spiritual Journey, India: Day 1

My spiritual trip to India just began and of course, there’s drama before we even leave the ground. I was stopped by security while going through the checkpoint at Chicago O’ Hare airport. This took me by surprise, as I’ve never been stopped or even remotely questioned by security anywhere. Now, a very gruff female police officer was patting me down and looking in my pockets. She looked as though she was sure that I was some sort of criminal. While she brushed a clear solution over my hands, I asked her what this was all about. She responded with, “I’m checking to see if you’re carrying explosives.” She pointed to a diagram on a large computer screen that was behind me. I looked at a blurry, x-ray like image of a female with a yellow mark below the waist. Suddenly I realized three things. First, it was an image of me. Second, the yellow mark on the screen pointed out my personal area. And third and perhaps the most important, she suspects that I’m carrying explosives down in my personal area. I was carrying something down there; a panty liner. With all the technology these days, it’s surprising they cant tell. I hope this is just an isolated incident and not an indication of things to come


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