The Universe Works In Strange Ways, Part 2:

I have this crazy friend Wendy. She’s hysterical, like Lucille Ball and has made some people laugh so hard, they’ve wet themselves.

Wendy’s son was having some neurological issues and was scheduled for a brainwave test. When she asked if I would go along for the ride, I jumped at the chance. Going anywhere with her is a laugh filled adventure so I was more than happy to tag along- I am Ethel to her Lucy. The test was at a hospital nearby. While we were in the exam room, the neurologist came in and I felt a wave of energy that caught me off guard. It was the same feeling I had when Rick’s bowling buddy got sick. This time was far more awkward. How do you tell a doctor he is sick and needs to see a doctor?

I sat quietly until the appointment was over and we all walked out of the room single file. The Doctor went right and we went left and headed towards the elevator. As the elevator doors closed, I told Wendy about what I was feeling and asked her call the nurse to explain my experience. Most people would balk rather than risk embarrassing themselves but not Wendy. When we got home, she called the nurse and told her about my intuition. Wendy and I laughed hysterically about this, as it was something Lucy and Ethel would do.

A month and a half later, Wendy called me shouting, “Are you sitting down? You are not going to believe this! The nurse from the neurologist’s office called to say the doctor wanted to thank us for inquiring about his welfare. Apparently, a week or so after our visit, he was seeing a patient and started having chest pains. He went down to the ER and was admitted into the hospital for a Triple Bypass Surgery.”

I followed my intuition and am grateful that it lead me in the right direction again and I’m glad I did the right thing, even if it was in a cowardly fashion this time.

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