At 12 years old, Rhonda discovered her spiritual abilities with an experience that occurred shortly after her grandmother died. She continues to have these spirit interactions, leading her to share her abilities with her clients.
Rhonda is spiritFullSizeR1_1494795431544ually intuitive, not psychic. She gets feelings and impressions from spirits around her. These impressions could be from a client’s direct question or from a spirit that wants Rhonda or the client to know something.
Tarot readings have helped Rhonda hone her intuitive skills. Cards help direct responses and let the questioner know what direction life may be headed. By using a variety of decks, she is able to relay some guidance – or reassurance – to her clients.
Smudging spaces and becoming a marriage officiate and Reiki practitioner are natural evolutions of her spiritual abilities. With all of these skills, Rhonda is dedicated to helping her clients find peace – and sometimes answers – to their most pressing questions.

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